The workplace pensions movement has been a quiet but powerful force for good in the UK. Here at the Pensions Archive Trust, we are committed to keeping that story alive and accessible for generations to come.

Do I need to pre-register with the LMA?

All visitors who wish to access original material at LMA will require a History Card. You can register for a card online or when you arrive at LMA in person. In order to complete your registration at LMA you will need to provide an acceptable form of identification. More information about obtaining a History Card can be found on the LMA’s website,

Are appointments necessary?

It is not necessary to book an appointment to view catalogued material, however, if you would like to view an uncatalogued collection, please contact LMA in advance to allow staff enough time to locate the items you need. To check the cataloguing status of any PAT collection, please go to our collections page and click on the links in the table of Pensions Archive collections, or contact the enquiries team at LMA before arranging a visit.

The quickest way to contact them is by phone or email.

020 7332 3820

Is there a charge for visiting the Pensions Archive?

While the Trust is empowered to charge for access to the Pensions Archive, there is no charge for bona fide researchers, students and other beneficiaries.  However, users are asked to make some reasonable contribution towards the added cost of extraction, analysis or copying of materials on their behalf from the Archive.

The normal LMA scale charges will apply for this purpose, possibly with an additional handling fee for copying, to be passed on to the Trust.  Similarly, the normal LMA scale rates apply for research work, or charged separately when carried out by Trust personnel.

The LMA recommends ordering documents in advance, with details of how to do this available on its website, along with complete opening days and times.

Where is the London Metropolitan Archives?

The LMA is located at 40 Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HB

020 7332 3820

020 7833 9136 


40 Northampton Road,
London EC1R 0HB

We believe it is vital that historians of the future can have an informed debate about the risks and opportunities of workplace pensions schemes by being able to draw on first-hand evidence. This is what our collections provide.

Dr Yally Avrahampour
PAT Director