Association of Consulting Actuaries Collection

The Association of Consulting Actuaries (ACA) is the representative body for consulting actuaries. The Association was first formed as the Society of Consulting Actuaries in November 1951, and re-named as the ACA in March 1952. The members of the Association are actuaries working in the consulting sector, mainly qualified through membership of the professional body for actuaries, the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

The ACA continues to promote the services provided by consulting actuaries and provide independent advice to decision makers on the need for and implications of legislative change in relevant areas. The ACA also publishes regular surveys of the pensions industry.

The records deposited by ACA with The Pensions Archive Trust (PAT) were digitised by the London Metropolitan Archives Digital Services team and are available to view below.

We would like to express our thanks to the ACA for the donation of these records to PAT and for financing the cost of digitisation.

ACA CollectionDateTitle
LMA_4631_A_01_0011951 Nov - 1963 DecMinute book: committee and general meetings
LMA_4631_A_01_0021964 Mar - 1968 DecCommittee meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0031964 Jan - 1968 DecOrdinary meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0041969 Feb - 1976 AugCommittee meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0051969 Jan - 1976 MayOrdinary meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0061976 Oct - 1983 NovCommittee meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0071976 Oct - 1983 NovOrdinary meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0081984 Jan - 1990 MarCommittee meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0091984 Jan - 1990 FebOrdinary and annual general meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0101990 May - 1992 MayCommittee, ordinary and annual general meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0111992 Jul - 1993 NovCommittee, ordinary and annual general meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0121994 Jan - 1996 FebCommittee, ordinary and annual general meeting minutes (some signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0131996 Feb - 1998 NovCommittee and annual general meeting minutes (some signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0141999 Feb - 2001 FebCommittee and annual general meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_A_01_0152001 Feb - 2003 FebCommittee and annual general meeting minutes (signed)
LMA_4631_B_01_0011991Annual Report
LMA_4631_B_01_0021992Annual Report
LMA_4631_B_01_0031995Annual Review
LMA_4631_B_01_0041996Annual Review
LMA_4631_B_01_0051998Annual Review
LMA_4631_B_01_0061999Annual Review
LMA_4631_B_01_0072001Annual Review and '50 Years on: A History of the Association of Consulting Actuaries' by Hunter Devine
LMA_4631_B_01_00820072007 Review and Pension Trends Survey Report
LMA_4631_B_01_0092010Biennial Review
LMA_4631_B_02_0011993-2010Parliamentary Pensions Brief
LMA_4631_B_03_0011996The Changing Face of UK Occupational Pensions in Smaller Companies
LMA_4631_B_03_0021998Target practice: How companies approach their key capital investment decisions
LMA_4631_B_03_0032001Occupational Pensions: The end of an era? Pensions in Smaller Firms Survey 2001
LMA_4631_B_03_0042005UK Pension Trends Survey Report 3
LMA_4631_B_03_00520062006 Smaller Firms Pension Survey
LMA_4631_B_03_00620072007 Pension trends survey report 1
LMA_4631_B_03_00720072007 Pension trends survey report 2
LMA_4631_B_03_00820082008 Smaller Firms Pension Survey Report 1
LMA_4631_B_03_00920082008 Smaller Firms Pension Survey
LMA_4631_B_03_0102009Twilight or a new dawn for Defined Benefit Schemes? Report 1 2009 Pension Trends Survey
LMA_4631_B_03_0112009Pension Reform: a pig in a poke? Report 2 2009 Pension Trends Survey
LMA_4631_B_03_0122010Survey of smaller firms' views on auto-enrolment and NEST. First Report of the ACA's 2010 Smaller Firms Pension Survey, confidential advance copy
LMA_4631_B_03_0132010Survey of smaller firms' views on auto-enrolment and NEST. First Report of the ACA's 2010 Smaller Firms Pension Survey
LMA_4631_B_03_0142011Survey of smaller firms' pensions. Final Report of the ACA's Smaller Firms Pension Survey
LMA_4631_B_03_0152012Workplace pensions: 2011 ACA Pension trends survey. Statistical Supplement
LMA_4631_B_03_0162013Reinvigorating Workplace Pensions in Smaller Firms. Second Report of the ACA Smaller Firms' Pension Survey
LMA_4631_B_04_0011991'A Short History of the Association of Consulting Actuaries' by Ronald W Abbott
LMA_4631_B_05_001200150th anniversary dinner souvenir programme