Motor industry pensions

Many car manufacturers operated pension schemes for their staff. This page details the records held at the University of Warwick’s Modern Record Centre and the British Motor Museum at Gaydon, Warwickshire. These lists are based on information gathered from the Modern Record Centre’s online catalogue and the listings for the Heritage Motor Centre in the Access to Archives catalogue. Reference codes for the material are provided in brackets.

University of Warwick

British Motor Corporation (BMC) Superannuation Fund:

  • copy of trust deed (including rules booklet) and agreement regarding application to Morris Motors. 1958. (MSS.226/MO/7/3/1-2)

MG Car Company Ltd. Superannuation Fund:

  • Copy of trust deed (including rules booklet) and agreement about application to MG Car Company. 1958. (MSS.226/MG/7/2/1-2)

Morris Associated Companies Staff Pension Fund:

  • Morris Motors Ltd. Directors’ meetings: signed manuscript minutes include minutes relating to Morris Associated Companies Staff Pension Fund. Sep 1940 – Jan 1944. (MSS.226/MO/1/1/4)
  • Nuffield Exports Ltd. minutes includes proposed revision of rules for Morris Associated Companies Staff Pension Fund, 1942 (p.116). 1933 Jul – 1948 Apr. (MSS.226/NE/1/1/1)

Morris Commercial Cars Ltd. Superannuation Fund:

  • Copy of trust deed (including rules booklet) and agreement about application to Morris Commercial. 1958 (MSS.226/MC/7/2/1-2)

Standard Motor Company Pension Schemes:

  • Standard Motor Company Ltd minutes of Directors’ meetings, includes SMC Superintendents Pension Scheme. 1957 Sep-1960 Aug. (MSS.226/ST/1/1/13)
  • “Pensions – General – Establishment – 1960/4” file: includes correspondence with consulting actuaries, drafts of schemes, counsel’s advice; also Leyland Motors Ltd. Employees’ Handbook; SMC Senior Staff Pension Scheme booklet, Sep 1958; Foremen and Staff Mutual Benefit Soc. schemes of enrolment. 1955, 1960-4. (MSS.226/ST/3/A/PER/PE/1)
  • Artificial file regarding pensions provisions. Contents include: scheme of Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd.; correspondence with France, Fenwick (Insurance) Ltd.; Noble Lowndes Pension Service, including copy of Indian Summer; Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. scheme; Sun Life correspondence. 1952. (MSS.226/ST/3/A/PER/PE/2/1-25)
  • Alforder Newton Ltd subject files, includes pension provision. 1960 Feb – 1961 Jul and 1962 Jan – 1966 Jan. (MSS.226/ST/3/AA/5 and MSS.226/ST/3/AA/6)
  • Beans Industries Ltd. subject files, topics include: pension schemes; BI works pension fund (Jul 1959); BI Staff Pension Fund Life Assurance Scheme, May 1949, and amendment; correspondence with Standard Life Assurance Co., rules booklet, 1961, and amendments (File title “Subsids – Beans – Pensions – Works – P. Fund L. A. Scheme 2577”). 1957 Jul – 1958 Mar, 1958 Mar – 1959 Dec, 1958 and 1966 Apr – 1967 Jul. (MSS.226/ST/3/BI/5, MSS.226/ST/3/BI/6, MSS.226/ST/3/BI/7/2 and MSS.226/ST/3/BI/15)

Liverpool expansion plan – Purchase from Hall Engineering (Holdings) Ltd. “Liverpool (2)” file, including schedule of pension contributions of staff transferred and “Drafts re Mr [F.B.] Dixon’s pension arrangements” file. 1959 Nov – 1961 Mar and 1960 Jan 6. (MSS.226/ST/3/LI/2 and MSS.226/ST/3/LI/6/5-6)

  • Massey-Harris subject files, contents include correspondence regarding senior staff pension scheme (File title “M-F. Negotiations No.3”.) 1959 Aug – 1960 Jun (MSS.226/ST/3/MH/39)
  • Mulliners Ltd – Terminated pension scheme subject file. 1962-3. (MSS.226/ST/3/MU/17)
    Rootes – File of K. Aspland, including facsimile of data regarding Standard Motor Company, including Pension Scheme booklet. 1956-7. (MSS.226/ST/3/RT/1/1-65)
  • Standard-Triumph (Eire) Ltd file. Topics include proposed pension schemes. 1959-63. (MSS.226/ST/3/O/EI/5)


Information about opening hours, terms of access and the archives catalogue are on the Modern Record Centre’s website.

British Motor Museum

  • The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust’s archive collections at the British Motor Museum (formerly known as the Heritage Motor Centre) include the records of British Leyland (later the Rover Group), Lucas Industries and Aston Martin.
  • The Centre holds the following material relating to pensions:

Albion Motors Ltd (95/115/11/76-ALB-11)

  • Copies of employee agreement, with draft letters regarding shares and related documents. 1915-1916;
  • Documents relating to the pension rights of Directors. Includes two memorials for the opinion of Counsel, proposed alterations to the memorandum of association, and a copy interim deed of agreement and trust. 1947-1948;
  • File and envelope of documents relating to company pension schemes. Includes interim and definitive deeds of agreement and trust; supplementary minutes of agreement; trust deeds and rules of the 1958 pension scheme; booklets, letters etc. 1947-1968;
  • File of documents relating to the sickness and accident benefit scheme for hourly paid employees. Includes two deeds of agreement and trust between Albion and the trustees; deed of assumption incorporating minute of resignation and minute by the trustees; constitution and rules; details for guidance; a copy of Leyland sickness fund trust deed, etc. 1964-1966.

Alford and Alder (Engineers) Ltd

  • Two books containing record of contributions to staff pension scheme, one dated 1931-57, the other dated 1947-57. 1931-1957. (80/80/18/76-ALF-18);
  • General correspondence to and from the Company Secretary. Includes documents and letters regarding group life assurance and pension scheme. 1956. (80/80/21/76-ALF-21).

Associated Commercial Vehicles Ltd, including material relating to the London Transport (Administrative & Supervisory) Staff Superannuation Fund

  • Files of documents regarding apprenticeship agreements: Southall 1969-1979; Aldenham 1970-1972; and correspondence 1972-1978 (80/83/17/76-ACV-17);
  • Assignment of group pension and life assurance scheme policies between ACV Ltd and AEC Ltd, 1949; Envelope containing definitive deed made between Park Royal Vehicles Ltd and Charles H. Roe and others regarding staff assurance and pension scheme, 1949; File containing documents regarding group pension policies, 1949-1958; Staff pension fund resignations R-Z, 1950-1958; and loose documents relating to the London Transport (Administrative & Supervisory) Staff Superannuation Fund including letters and memos, lists of employees, valuation and reports of the actuary, minutes of EGM 1958 and of trustees meeting, with accounts 1959, 1950-1961. (80/83/18/76-ACV-18);
  • Two ACV pension fund pension payments books, one for 1951-62, the other for 1962-3; file containing release of ACV Ltd from its guarantee of interest on the London Transport (Administrative & Supervisory) Staff Superannuation Fund and covenant by AEC Ltd (1951), supplemental trust deed regarding the Fund (1954), annual report and accounts of the Fund (1978) and related documents, 1951-1979; file containing letters, assignment etc. regarding remuneration and pension rights of Sir William Black, Sir Robert Fryars, and R.J. Leitch, 1952-1967; leaflet regarding revised regulations for the suggestions scheme now in operation in the name of AEC Ltd, 1953; file containing rules of the London Transport (Administrative & Supervisory) Staff Superannuation Fund, trust deeds, letters, 1953-1956; file containing letters, reports, memos, and other documents regarding pension schemes for staff and directors, 1953-1958; and three files of statements of premiums for group pension and life assurance policies, 1959-1962. (80/83/19/76-ACV-19);
  • Files containing documents regarding company pension fund (1959-1964 and 1960-1961), amalgamation of pension funds (1961-1962), state and private pensions (1961-1963); file of letters regarding Park Royal Vehicles staff pension scheme, 1963; register of pensioners, 1963-1965; an envelope containing life assurance policy in the name of Kenneth L. Parkins with related letters, 1965; and an envelope containing declaration amending the definitive trust deed regrading the pension fund for male hourly paid workers, 1975. (80/83/20/76-ACV-20).

Austin Motor Company Ltd

  • Legal & General Assurance Society master policy no. 50497 and 50498 regarding supplemental pension scheme and supplemental pension scheme no. 2, both with letter & booklet, 1956-1973 (80/84/30/76-AUS-30).

Pressed Steel Company Ltd

  • Journal showing payments into the company’s contributory pension scheme, 1942-1960 (80/128/10/75-PSC-10).
  • Rover Company Ltd and Rover South Africa (Proprietry) Ltd
  • File of documents giving details for board meetings. Including information regarding shares, property, the company pension scheme, sealings, etc. 1956-1958 80/147/10/75/RCO-10);
    File with correspondence regarding proposed staff pension scheme for Rover South Africa employees. Including two reports prepared by Price Forbes (Africa) Life & Pensions Ltd. (1960) and a copy of a Pensions and Life Assurance Scheme Booklet (1964), 1960-1964 (80/148/7/67-RSA-1).

Standard Motor Company Ltd

  • Copies of pension scheme and senior staff pension scheme booklets. 1957, 1958. (93/103/1/67-SMC-1)


Information about opening hours, terms of access and the archives catalogue are on the British Motor Museum’s website.