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ReferenceTitleDescriptionCovering datesAcessLocation
LMA/4598MAXWELL THE GAME'Board game based on the Maxwell scandal.1991No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4555ACCOUNTING STANDARDS COMMITTEEStatement of recommended practice.1987No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4612ALAN HERBERT COLLECTIONMaterial relating to the 2000 Pensions Management Awards and 2007 Professional Pensions Awards; and annotated copy of 'Demonstrating a Standard of Care: A proposal to develop a Code of Conduct for lay Trustees' discussion paper for Trustee Code of Conduct Group.2000 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4529ALASTAIR ROSS GOOBEY COLLECTIONObituaries from The Times (5 February 2008), The Independent (6 February 2008) and The Guardian (11 March 2008) and photographs of the inaugural Ross Goobey lecture at the Cass Business School.

Photographs in this collection can only be accessed by appointment.
2005 - 2008No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4603ANTHONY DAVEY COLLECTIONBritish Aerospace and BTR's pension schemes reports and accounts, actuarial valuations and publicity materials.

Corporate records for Hadrian Trustees Limited/Hadrian Solway Limited, and records relating to their management of the Shipbuilding Industry Pension Scheme.

Collected papers on industry standards and from conferences whilst at BESTrustees; BESTrustees publicity materials; and Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators' Pensions Panel pamphlet.
1990-2001No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4528 and PAT Library 36.13/PENAP INFORMATION SERVICES LIMITEDLetters and minutes relating to the establishment and publishing of 'Pension Funds and Their Advisors', including assignment. Correspondence and Speech made by Alan Philipp at the 25th Anniversary of 'Pension Funds and Their Advisors'.

[Copies of Pension Funds and Their Advisors (1978-2007, held in PAT Library).]
1975 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
PATL/667ARIES INSIGHTPART-CATALOGUED. Pensions Insight, 2009-2017; Pensions World, 1995-2013; Pensions Age, 1998-2020; Pensions Management, 2001-2007; PMI News, 2011-2014; Occupational Pensions, 1989-2019 (nos 22-385); Engaged Investor, 2008-2009; Pensions and Employee Benefits, 1989-1991; NAPF News, 2002-2015; NAPF 'Made Simple' guides; NAPF leaflets, nos 1-6; PLSA 'Made Simple' guides; Viewpoint, 2015-2018. ALL WITH GAPS2020PAT Library - access by prior appointmentLMA
LMA/4545ASSOCIATED BRITISH FOODS PENSION TRUSTEES LIMITEDMinutes, annual reports and accounts, cashbooks, property registers, death registers, Trust Deeds, Trustee and Chairman correspondence, actuarial reports, explanatory booklets, publicity material.1941 - 2006No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4631ASSOCIATION OF CONSULTING ACTUARIESRecords of the Association of Consulting Actuaries, 1951-2013, including minutes of the main committee, sessional meetings and annual general meetings, 1951-2003, and various publications, including annual reviews, Parliamentary Pensions Briefs, survey reports, histories and a fiftieth anniversary dinner souvenir programme1951-2013No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4756ASSOCIATION OF MEMBER NOMINATED TRUSTEES LIMITEDRecords of Barry Parr, Founding Co-Chair: 'Open Meetings and Committees' minutes and related papers (2010-2013); 'Lists/Newsletters/Web' administration (2011-2013); 'Friends/Mallow Street' Friends Committee minutes and related sponsorship papers (2011-2012).2010 - 2013No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4491BAE SYSTEMS PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklets, leaflets and annual reports and accounts. Includes papers on new state pension arrangements (1926-1978).1955 - 2006No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4488BASF UK GROUP PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklets.1982 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4484BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL PENSION FUNDExplanatory booklets.1998 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/BENBENEFITS AND COMPENSATION INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINEDeposited by Pensions Publications Limited. Publication ceased at the start of 20151971 - 2015PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)BILLINGHURST, KEITHBooks from personal library: 'From Workshop to War Cabinet' (biography of first Pensions Minister), 'Old Age Pensions: an historical and critical study', 'Friends for Life: Friends' Provident Life Office 1832 - 1982', 'History of OPAS', 'A Crisis of Longer Life: reforming pension systems', 'Funding Social Security: a strategic alternative', 'Pensions and Insurance Before 1800: a social history', 'The Pension Challenge: risk transfers and retirement income security', 'Pension Design and Structure: new lessons from behavioral finance' and 'Pension Economics'.1950 - 1990PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4479CAPITA HARTSHEADAnnual Pension Scheme Administration surveys.1994 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4744CARL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITEDPensions World' magazine publications (1972-1987) with indexes and budget summary; 'Pension Fund Trusteeship in 1980s' with reprint edition (1981-1985)1972 - 1987No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4483COATS PLC PENSION PLANExplanatory booklets.1950s - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4690DAWSON, PAUL R.Pension Technical Information Service instruction bulletins and copy article on Noble Frank Lowndes from 'Dictionary of Business Biography' from Paul Dawson. LMA received The Sedgwick Story by James Bishop from Michael Pilch in November 2014 to complement the Noble Lowndes papers.1985 - 1992No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4604DENNIS GILLEY COLLECTION10 files of Dennis Gilley's personal papers including: an early example of his work at R Watson and Sons; papers on his work on professional conduct and pension fund administration; papers relating to his 'How to be a Happy Pension Fund Trustee' booklet; texts of speeches and papers delivered by Gilley; and press cuttings.1950 - 1991No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4527ELECTRICITY SUPPLY PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklets.1973 - 1983No appointment requiredLMA
Pensions Management, 2004-2011 (gaps); Institutional Investor, 2015/16-2018 (gaps);

NAPF Parliamentary & Press Monitor, 1998-2000 (gaps); NAPF yearbooks, annual reports and other publications (various dates); British Actuarial Journal, 1996-2004 (gaps); Pensions pocket books; S&P directories (various); Professional Pensions Handbook, 2001, 2003; European Pensions Handbook, 1999, 2002; Global Pensions Handbook, 2006; Oliver’s Guide to the City of London 1998/99; Tax Handbook, 2004/5, 2007/8; Euromoney Directory, 1997; 1996 guide to Asian M&A professionals and corporate development officers; PMI/PRAG Pensions Terminology, 1997; Pension Funds and Their Advisers: 2003, 2006-2015; Pensions Handbook, 1994, 2003; Occupational Pensions Board Announcements (1982-1994 and 1988-1990), Amending Memorandums (1983-1991) and other publications; PMI News, 2013-2015 (gaps); PMI yearbook, 2010; assorted pension fund documents/legal acts/reform, and individual pension fund reports.
1982- 2015PAT Library - access by prior appointmentLMA
PAT Library (36.13)FACULTY AND INSTITUTE OF ACTUARIESPensions Convention Conference Papers; Actuaries in Pensions: Facing Fresh Challenges; 1997 Actuarial Pensions Convention; Seminar on Pensions; Actuarial Convention 15 - 18 Sept 1991; The Actuary in Pensions: A Time of Change; Pensions - Counting the Cost.1991 - 1997PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)FALKNER WOOD LIBRARYErnst & Whinney 'Pension Schemes reporting to Members' (1987); Coopers & Lybrand Deloitte 'Accounting for Pension Costs' (1990); The Marchmaine Consultancy 'Why all the fuss about pensions?' leaflet (1988).1987 - 1990PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4493FRIENDS PROVIDENT PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklet.2000No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4481GEORGE HENRY ROSS GOOBEYWorking papers, event papers and articles written by George Henry Ross Goobey, Pension Fund Manager, Imperial Tobacco. Includes speeches made to outside bodies; papers about the investments and benefits of the Imperial Tobacco Pension Scheme; papers on pension topics generally and files in his capacity as Trustee or Adviser to other pension schemes.

Subject files including pensions industry and personal involvement in clubs and other organisations

[deposit from The Pensions Archive Trust]
1905 - 1999No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4563GULF UK PENSION SCHEMEPrinted plans and regulation booklets, newsletters. Includes Gulf Oil Corporation Stock Option Plans booklets and business card of Peter M Ward.1964 - 1990No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4691HEADINGTON HOLDINGS LIMITEDRecords relating to Group Pensions (Group companies include Bishopsgate Investments Management Limited and Headington Investments Limited): claim correspondence concerning Maxwell Communications Corporation plc with Pension Scheme booklets; Summary photocopy legal papers prepared by Cooper and Lybrand Deloitte concerning companies in the Maxwell Group (minutes, memoranda, reports and statements), newspaper cuttings on Maxwell Pensions, and video 'What's the Catch?' (1991) by Firebrand, 1987-19961987-1996No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4526HOUNSLOW PENSION FUNDAnnual reports.1992 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4487HUNTING PENSIONS TRUST LIMITEDPublications relating to pension administration.1967 - 2002No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4745HUTCHIESON, JOHN J GJohn Hutchieson's Mirror Group Pension Scheme papers received as employee/pensioner: MGN Pension Trustees Limited pension bulletins, annual reports and circulars with reference to Robert Maxwell scandal (1991 Dec - 1996 May, 1999)1991 - 1999No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4490IMERYS UK PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklets.1979 - 2008No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4619INCISIVE MEDIA LIMITEDAwards programme and guest list for the Professional Pensions' Pension Scheme of the Year Awards.2006No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORSReforming Public Sector Pensions: Solutions to a Growing Challenge'.2010PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PENSION FUND ADMINISTRATORSPensions for the Future: Developing Individually Funded Programmes' and 'Investments and Payouts in Funded Pension Systems'.2009PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/INVINVESTMENT AND PENSIONS EUROPE MAGAZINEInvestment and Pensions Europe magazines (June, July/Aug. 1999; May 2000-Sept. 2007; June 2009-May 2010; Sept. 2010-Sept. 2011; Nov.-Dec. 2011; Jan. 2012-onwards).

Investment and Pensions Europe Real Estate (Autumn 2004; Jan./Feb. 2005; Nov./Dec. 2008; Mar./Apr. 2009; May/June 2009; Sept./Oct. 2009-May/June 2010; Sept./Oct. 2010-May/June 2011; Sept./Oct. 2011; Nov./Dec. 2013; Special Issue 2014; Mar./Apr. 2014; May/Jun. 2014; Nov/Dec. 2014)

Investment and Pensions Asia (Dec. 2006; Apr.2007; June 2007; Sept. 2007).
2004 - currentPAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4554INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT REGULATORY ORGANISATION LIMITEDConsultation document 33 Derivatives November 1996' booklet and correspondence.1996 - 1997No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4552JANE NEWELL COLLECTIONAnnual reports, accounts, original Trust Deed and Rules and final reports of the Maxwell Pensions Unit, Maxwell Pensioners Trust and Maxwell Charitable Trust.1992 - 1997No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.63/PENJOURNAL OF PENSIONS MANAGEMENT: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALFrom Sept. 1995 – Aug. 20061995 - 2006PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4525KEVIN SIMS COLLECTIONResearch reports and presentations from various areas of the occupational pensions industry.1994 - 2004No appointment requiredLMA
B17/046KINGFISHER PLCLegal documents relating to the creation and development of pension schemes operated by Kingfisher plc and its predecessors, including F. W. Woolworth & Co Ltd; handbooks, newsletters and publications for pension scheme members. Also copies of the in-house Woolworths staff magazine 1935-1972, and pictorial records of Woolworths executive staff, 1950-1979.1935 - 2012No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4581LONDON INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL FUTURES EXCHANGEFuture and Options Accounting and Administration' and

'The Reporting and Performance Measurement of Financial Futures and Options in Investment Portfolios' booklets.
1991 - 1994No appointment requiredLMA
CLC/B/001LSF PENSIONS MANAGEMENT LIMITEDRecords which demonstrate the administrative running of the Lloyd's Clerk's Superannuation Fund, including minutes of all main committees, papers of the Pension Manager, annual reports and accounts, member ledgers, individual scheme reports, actuarial valuations of the Fund and schemes, and Fund publicity material.1929 - 2008Access by prior appointmentGuildhall MSS
LMA/4635MARFELL, LILIAN MARYCertificate, souvenir programme and menu card from a reception held by Queen Alexandra for nurses from the Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses at Marlborough House1901No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4715MERCHANT INVESTORS ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITEDStaff pension scheme file kept by Philip A Knight, Pensions Manager, regarding setting up of the retirement benefits scheme for Merchant Investors Assurance.1976 - 1978No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4854METAL INDUSTRIES GROUP STAFF PENSION FUNDPapers of the Metal Industries Group Staff Pension Fund, received by William Kenrick ('Ken') Parry as a scheme member and employee of Brookhirst Switchgear Limited, a contributing company, comprising trust deed and rules, annual report and accounts, application form for mortgage scheme and covering letter.1944 - 1945No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4634METROPOLITAN DISTRICT RAILWAY MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETYRevised rules book for the Metropolitan District Railway Mutual Provident Society owned by A. Curtis. The Society thought to have been founded in 1887. It raised funds by subscriptions from members, donations and voluntary contributions to: relieve and maintain its members in sickness or infirmity from accident or natural causes; provided medical aid for members' wives and children; make payments on the death of members; and contribute towards members' funeral expenses. Its members were employees of the Metropolitan District Railway Company.1893No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4486MOLINS UK PENSION FUND TRUSTEE LIMITEDExplanatory booklets.1936 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4494NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PENSION FUNDSMinute books, including Annual General Meetings; Annual Report and Accounts; Annual Conference and Exhibition Reports; Benefits Council minutes; Conference Committee; Conferences, Educational and Training Committee; Council minutes; Development Committee; Finance Committee; Government Relations Committee; Investment Committee minutes; NAPF Annual Surveys and Accounts; and Services and Member Relations Committee; NAPF Yearbooks; North London Group Yearbooks; 'Dictionary of International Benefits Terminology'; 'Informer' magazines; Pocket Guides to Annual Conferences; Pocket Guides to Investment Conferences; Booklets containing details of various conferences and delegate lists; CDs of speakers manuscripts from Annual Conferences; 'Speech to the National Association of Pension Funds' and photographs from various meetings and conferences. Board minutes of NAPF Services Limited, 2001.1917 - 2009No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4485NORTHERN ELECTRIC GROUP OF THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklets.1956 - 2005No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4584OCCUPATIONAL PENSIONS DEFENCE UNION LIMITEDThe OPDU Report’ Numbers 1 - 33 (Number 7 missing).1997 - 2015No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)OECD PRIVATE PENSIONS OUTLOOKWith executive summary.2008PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4717PENSION PUBLICATIONS LIMITEDRecords of Pension Publications Limited include minutes, annual reports, financial records, administrative papers and correspondence. Many of these records relate to the production of the magazine and include a large series of summary notes taken by the Editor on individuals and developments in the employee benefits and compensation field during meetings and at conferences in the United Kingdom and around the world. Also included is an extensive set of business cards of individuals given to the Editor for contact information.

The magazines were deposited as a PAT Library set (See PATL/330 and 36.13/BEN).
1971 - 2014No appointment requiredLMA
PATL/330PENSION PUBLICATIONS LIMITEDGift of library material. 86 items including Social Security Committee Reports on the work of the Maxwell Insolvency Practitioners; titles on retirement age and pension planning; investment performance of pension funds, and financing public sector pensions197- - 200-No appointment requiredLMA
Previous reference: PAT Library (PATL/001)PENSION REGULATORThis collection has now been transferred to The National Archives.1997 - 2007No longer held at LMALMA
LMA/4579PENSIONS ADVISORY SERVICE LIMITED (formerly the Occupational Pensions Advisory Service)Memorandum and articles of association; a publication on the history of the organisation; annual reviews.1984 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4588PENSIONS ARCHIVE TRUSTThe minutes and associated papers of the Joint Liaison Committee and chairman's papers; materials relating to publicity and outreach work; and materials collected by PAT, including a information pack for a Punter Southall Group Longevity Panel held in 2008 and a copy of a keynote speech given by Eddie Thomas to the Pensions Trustees Circle in 2008.2001 - 2011No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)PENSIONS INSTITUTEThe Pensions Institute: Towards a Universal Funded Second Pension, a Special Report', by David Blake and J. Michael Orszag (1997); 'Financial Services Authority, Meeting Our Resonsibilities' (1998).

Financial Services Authority Policy Statements: 'The open approach to regulation' (1998), 'Consumer Complaints: the new Financial Services Ombudsman scheme' (1998); 'Pensions transfers and opt outs review phase 2: rebate-only cases' (1998).

Financial Services Authority Discussion Paper: 'Differentiated regulatory approaches: future regulation of inter-professional business' (1998).

Financial Services Authority Consultations Papers: 'No. 1, Consumer involvement' (1997); 'No. 2, Practitioner Involvement' (1997); 'No. 7, Pension transfers and opt outs review phase 2' (1998); 'No. 12, Implementation in the UK of the EU Investor Competition Directive' (1998); 'No. 13, The FSA Principles for Business' (1998); 'No. 15, Promoting public understanding of financial services: a strategy for consumer education' (1998); 'No. 17, Financial Services regulation: enforcing the new regime' (1998)
1997 - 1998PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4621PENSIONS MANAGEMENT INSTITUTECorporate records including: Council minutes, circulated papers and correspondence of Council; copies of memorandum and articles of association; AGM and committee minutes; president's correspondence files; and a paper on the Institute's history. Administrative papers including: papers of the ad-hoc steering group, money purchase working party, model administration steering group and occupational pensions seminar group and the Secretary General's correspondence files.

Digital records relating to member services, which include: conference, seminar and annual dinner publicity and attendance lists; guidance notes, codes of practice and handbooks relating to PMI qualifications; publicity materials; PMI News; and PMI Technical News (please note that digital records currently require an appointment to access).

The collection also includes a photographic archive of PMI events, speakers at conferences and prize winners, and the memorandum and articles of association and circulated papers for PMI Services Limited.

An additional deposit in 2016 Included 2 framed PMI crests, photographs, agendas and minutes of meetings, annual review and report [2002/3], paper 'PMI 1975 - 1979' and correspondence.
197- - 2010No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/PENPENSIONS MANAGEMENT MAGAZINE May 1999 - Sep 2011PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4585PENSIONS POLICY INSTITUTEPublished research reports produced between 2002 - 2010, in paper and electronic formats. Some reports are only available in an electronic format.

Access to the electronic versions, held on CDs, is by prior appointment only.
2002 - 2010No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4583PENSIONS RESEARCH ACCOUNTANTS GROUPMinutes of the Executive Committee and Annual General Meeting; annual accounts; papers of working parties working on reports and publications; papers of working parties producing responses to consultations; material relating to outreach; membership files kept by Group members; and publications produced by the Group.1976 - 2014No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/PENPENSIONS WEEK MAGAZINE 28 May - 13 Dec 2007, 14 Jan - 30 Jun 2008PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/PENPENSIONS WORLD MAGAZINEDeposited by Reed Elsevier (UK) Limited.

Previously missing Feb 1995 and Jan-Nov 1998 editions deposited by the editor of Pensions World in 2015 (PATL/336)
1982 - 1998PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/PENPENSIONS WORLD MAGAZINETransferred from City Business Library at 3 years.

Previously missing editions for Jan-May 1999, Dec 1999 and Dec 2009 (19 issues) deposited by the editor of Pensions World magazine in 2015 (PATL/336)
Oct 1997, Jun 1999 - ongoingPAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.63/PENPENSIONS: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNALJune 2007 – Nov. 20122007 - 2012PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4853PETER THOMAS FAIRWEATHERScheme and member documents relating to the pension schemes of the Tilling Group, National Bus Company, Hampshire Bus Company, and Stagecoach Group, together with information relating to the members' additional voluntary contributions. The material also includes member announcements, correspondence, and articles relating to the pension ombudsman ruling concerning a return of surplus from the National Bus Company pension schemes.1952-2009No appointment requiredLMA
B21/043PETER WEINER COLLECTIONUNCATALOGUED. Magazines, journals and other publications1990 - 2019PAT Library - access by appointment
LMA/4556PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY LIMITEDA List of Pension Schemes arranged with the Prudential Assurance Company Limited'; 'Individual Pensions for the self-employed and other persons with non-pensionable earnings' and 'A Scheme for Employees Pensions' booklets.1951 - 1956No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4477R WATSON AND SONSWatson Quarterly' and 'Watsons Pensions Commentary' newsletters, seminar brochures, guidance, statistics and reports.1975 - 2002No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4492RAC PENSION SCHEMEExplanatory booklets and 'Guides for Members' pack, consisting of four booklets.1993 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4587RAISING STANDARDS IN PENSION ADMINISTRATIONThe collection comprises primarily of the RSPA's secretary's papers, which include: copies of documents relating to the formation of the RSPA and its registration as a charity, copies of minutes and papers for the Trustees, Steering Committee, Working Groups, Compliance Committee and Annual General Meeting; and the secretary's correspondence files. The collection also includes a copy of Dunnett Shaw's report on raising the standards of pension administration from 2001, and papers of Alan Herbert relating to the initiative.2001 - 2007No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library (36.13)SECOND AFIR INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUMActuarial Approach for Financial Risks (4 volumes).1991PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4557SMITH AND NEPHEW PLCThe Sanaco Pension Fund Ltd, Explanatory Booklet', 'Smith and Nephew UK Pension Fund' information pack.1983 - 1997No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4533SOCIETY OF PENSION CONSULTANTSMinutes of Council and various committees, committee reports, working group papers, correspondence and publicity material.1959 - 1999No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4478SUE WARD COLLECTIONPapers reflecting Sue Ward's involvement with occupational pensions industry during the course of her career. These take the form of minutes and agendas, correspondence, consultation documents, publicity material and audio cassette tapes. This material is arranged into six series: the Labour Party; the Northern Pensions Resource Group and Independent Pensions Research Group; the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority; the Trade Union Congress; Local Authority Pension Funds; and the Pension and Investment Resource Centre. The collection also includes a series of papers collected or written by Sue Ward, arranged by organisation.1968 - 2006No appointment requiredLMA
PAT Library 36.13/ACTTHE ACTUARY MAGAZINEDeposited by the Institute of Actuaries.1991 - 2007PAT Library - no appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4837THE GREATER LONDON PENSIONERS' ASSOCIATIONMinutes and papers; finance administration files and cash books; applications for grant funding; correspondence with affiliated groups, trade unions and members of Parliament; subject files; files on conferences and events; issues of ‘The Greater London Pensioner' newsletter; signed petitions; banners and posters; photographs of campaigning and other events; audio visual material; and promotional artefacts.
1977-2019No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4586UBS GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (UK) LTDPension Fund Indicators (1973 - 2008) and UBS Annual Surveys (1990 - 2000). Some publications are only available in an electronic format.

Access to electronic versions of publications, held on CDs, is by prior appointment only.
1973 - 2008No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4489UNILEVER UK PENSIONSExplanatory booklets1980 - 2008No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4589UNION PENSION SERVICES LIMITEDCollection of over 1400 explanatory booklets for pension scheme members and associated publications such as annual reports which were used by UPS to produce its Pension Scheme Profiles publications. The collection includes explanatory booklets for 684 pension schemes. The collection also includes other UPS and Pensions and Investment Research Consultants Limited publications, and publications Bryn Davies, UPS's director, acted as a consultant on.1975 - 2003No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4559UNITED BISCUITS PENSION SCHEMEPension scheme explanatory booklet.1988No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4693WAKELAM, NICHOLASPlessey Pension Trust Limited: reports and accounts (1980); Unigate Group Pension Scheme: reports and leaflets (1983-1987); Thorn EMI Pension Fund: trustees reports (1988-1994) and explanatory booklets (1988-1989)1980 - 1994No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4482WENDY IRONMONGER COLLECTIONAcademic paper written by Wendy Ironmonger that was submitted and won the Chartered Insurance Institute Morgan Owen Medal Competition in 1986. Paper titled 'What Nature The Pensions Promise'.1986No appointment requiredLMA
LMA/4580WORLD MARKETS COMPANY PLC (WM COMPANY)Pension Fund Service Annual Reviews and 'Guide to Options' and 'Guide to Futures' booklets.1984 - 1997No appointment requiredLMA