GLPA collection now available

by | Apr 5, 2024 | News

The Pensions Archive Trust has a new collection ready for viewing at London Metropolitan Archives, the archives of the Greater London Pensioners Association.

Pensioners’ associations constitute an important part of the pensions movement in the UK, providing opportunities for pensioners who worked for the same employer to stay in touch, or for pensioners who live in the same area to form a community. Associations are used to share information about pensions matters, to provide support in times of crisis (e.g. sponsor insolvency), and to lobby on particular issues, whether related to state benefits or occupational pensions

.GLPA campaigners

PAT is delighted therefore to have acquired the archive of the GLPA, which has now been catalogued and is available at the LMA. The GLPA has been a particularly vocal and active association, issuing regular newsletters to members, campaigning on pension reform, welfare reform and disability rights, and presenting petitions to Number 10.

To view the collection records on the London Metropolitan Archives website, click here and search ‘LMA/4837’