Kingfisher PLC collection now available!

by | Jan 18, 2023 | News

Our Kingfisher PLC collection is now available for you to research and visit.

The Pensions Archive Trust has a new collection ready for viewing at London Metropolitan Archives – the Kingfisher PLC collection. Spanning from 1935-2013, it holds legal documents from the creation and development of Kingfisher pension schemes, publications and explanatory handbooks for pension scheme members, and the in-house Woolworth staff magazine, ‘The New Bond’.

The collection holds items from the companies Kingfisher acquired during its operation: Woolworth, B&Q, Comet, Superdrug, Charlie Browns Autocentres, Record Merchandisers/Entertainment UK, Staples, Chartwell Land, Music & Video Club, Titles Video, Furniture City, John Le Seuer, Thornes Supplies, Clydebank (Doors), Budget Video Services, Cheam Developments, Expedite Publicity, and Time Retail Finance.


Beginning in 1939, Woolworths offered its employees a range of pension and life assurance schemes, which underwent various changes of name over time. As the company evolved and expanded, its subsidiaries also joined the schemes.

When Woolworth Holdings PLC became Kingfisher PLC, the Kingfisher Pension Scheme was founded. This was split into two types: the final salary section (operating between 1987 and 2012) and the money purchase section, which is still open to employees of UK companies in the Kingfisher group. The Kingfisher Retirement Trust was also a money purchase scheme which was offered to employees between April 1988 and March 2004. The Trust was wound up in January 2009 and remaining benefits were transferred to BlackRock.

To view the collection records on the London Metropolitan Archives website, click here and search ‘LMA/4728’.